Denver Private Investigators For Attorneys

Process of Service * Witness Locates and Interviews
Aerial Video * Responsible Party Identification

  • Retainers not required.
  • Experience you can trust.
  • Recommended by a line-up of the state’s best trial lawyers (see REVIEWS).
  • Investigators with backgrounds in law enforcement, white-collar criminal defense, death investigations, surveillance, investigative journalism, and asset searches.
  • We often obtain public records and witnesses attorneys didn’t know existed.
  • We often dramatically improve your chances of getting the settlement, judgment, or verdict you want – and that your client deserves.
  • In nine out of ten cases, we get that sucker served!

If you rely entirely on discovery to get the facts, you’ll get only what your legal adversaries are willing to let you know. If you’re doing the investigating yourself, you have less time to litigate and recruit clients. Ross Investigators provides the full range of investigative services for attorneys.

THE PROCESS OF SERVICE GUARANTEE: Denver based Ross Investigators routinely locates people other investigators have been unable to find. For a $500 retainer, Ross will locate and serve the individual you’re seeking within 30 days or the retainer will be refunded (first-time clients only).

​Our services include:

  • Witness identification/location/interviews
  • Public records search
  • Criminal defense
  • Civil litigation preparation and trial support
  • Class-action plaintiff management
  • Company and individuals profiling 
  • Expert witness screening
  • Asset investigations
  • Responsible party identification
  • Background investigations
  • Heir location

Ross Investigators is bonded, licensed, and insured. We are based in Denver, Colorado, providing easy access to markets nationwide.

What Some of Colorado’s Top Trial Lawyers Say About Ryan Ross

Ryan and his investigative team work tirelessly to find the evidence that other investigator never even consider. He has helped transform average cases into remarkable cases, and he helps makes strong cases almost unbeatable.

Darold Killmer, Killmer, Lane & Newman​

I highly recommend Ryan Ross. He is quick, reliable, professional and reasonably priced. His reports have been extremely helpful.

Former ATLA and CTLA board member Kyle Bachus of Bachus & Schanker

​Ryan and his team respond quickly to our requests. They get us the info we need – and on time. We use Ryan because we know he will get the job done at a reasonable cost and in a timely manner.

Victoria Swanson, Sears & Swanson, Colorado Springs​

​Our investigative service needs to be fast, thorough and detailed. That’s why we use Ross Investigators.

Steven Feder, former chair of CBA’s securities litigation section

​Ryan Ross is fast, thorough and professional. He writes great investigative reports. I highly recommend him and his agency.

Former Chief Deputy District Attorney and KHOW talk-show co-host Craig Silverman of Silverman & Olivas

Ryan goes beyond the call of duty, critically analyzing issues to determine what the next step should be.

Former CTLA board member Melissa Winthers of Fleishman & Shapiro

This law firm won’t use anyone other than Ryan Ross as long as I’m in charge.

Marc Bendinelli, The Bendinelli Law Firm

Ryan has provided competent, efficient and useful information with each task presented by this office. His timeliness and professionalism have proven extremely useful.

Rick Poormon, Managing Partner, Denver office, Riggs, Abney, Turpin, Orbison & Lewis

​A defendant in an auto accident case had eluded investigators for three years until we contacted Ryan Ross. He was able to serve the defendant in one month.

​Thomas Herd, partner, Gaddis, Kin & Herd, Colorado Springs

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