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Ross Investigators serves the needs of Denver businesses large and small by bringing to the table a team of investigators and undercover operatives, each investigator with extensive experience in their specialty. 

We help businesses develop the information their executives and lawyers need to:

  • Minimize risk
  • Prepare for trial
  • Identify and reduce security threats
  • Research potential merger partners or acquisition targets
  • Uncover and address problems created by off-work behavior of key personnel
  • Respond to requests, subpoenas, and demands from government regulators
  • Understand their competitors
  • Hire new executives with confidence
  • Clean up and address workplace problems as quickly and efficiently as possible and determine how they can henceforth be avoided

Ross Investigators is bonded, licensed, and insured. We are based in Denver, Colorado, providing easy access to markets nationwide.
Our work-product consists of well-written, thorough, and easy-to-digest reports.

Services We Provide

Workplace investigations

​Identify and interview witnesses, and identify, obtain, and assemble evidence against culprits in sexual harassment, embezzlement, drug use, and other workplace crimes and problems. Where appropriate, initiate and pursue contact with law enforcement.

Litigation support

​​Interview witnesses, obtain and review documents, and otherwise assist counsel in prosecuting or defending civil litigation.

Due diligence

​​​Research and prepare background reports on businesses (and their key executives) that are under consideration for acquisition, mergers, or investments.

White-collar criminal defense

​Identify and interview witnesses, review documents and other evidence, and otherwise assist defense counsel in preparation for criminal trials of key executives

Executive background investigations

​Verify educational and past-employment credentials, interview references, and obtain and review criminal, credit, bankruptcy, driving, and property records as necessary.

Security threat investigations

Test security policies, procedures, equipment, and personnel, identify weaknesses, and recommended enhancements.

Competitive intelligence

Research competitors and their key executives, identify their business strategies and resources, and assess growth prospects.

Accident investigation

Identify responsible parties, develop information to mitigate losses, and formulate recommendations to minimize similar accidents.

Risk management

Assess workplace risks and recommend steps to minimize them.

Regulatory response

Assist counsel in collecting and reviewing documents sought by government agencies through subpoenas, interview employees to determine extent of compliance with regulatory requirements, and draft recommendations to ensure compliance henceforth.

What We Do:

  • Screen prospective hires
  • Identify off-site activities of employees
  • Win battles for corporate control
  • Enforce “no-compete” provisions of employment contracts
  • Test employee loyalty, discretion, and judgment
  • Support litigation
  • Defend criminal charges
  • Detect and deter fraud
  • Identify, mitigate, and manage risk
  • Comply with regulatory and governance requirements
  • Protect intellectual property, brands, and reputations
  • Identify conflicts of interest
  • Assess partners, prospective partners, and investment opportunities
  • Assess threats
  • Uncover and document employee theft
  • Identify and locate hidden assets
  • Fire problematic employees
  • Defeat competitors

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What We Don’t Do :

  • Steal trade secrets
  • Conduct break-ins
  • Provide security
  • Violate laws
  • Invade privacy
  • Install or otherwise use wiretaps
  • Stalk
  • Misappropriate phone or bank records
  • Install GPS tracking devices on vehicles not owned by the business

​Strategies we employ:

  • Elicit: Get people talking about what they shouldn’t discuss so freely
  • Watch: Undercover surveillance of employees, ex-employees suspected of stealing trade secrets, or competitors’ employees
  • Test by tempting: Determine how employees or competitors’ employees respond when tempted to do something they shouldn’t by someone making it hard for them to say “no”
  • Test by challenging: Find out how someone responds when there’s a disruption, threat, or unexpected problem
  • Vacuuming: Obtain all the information that’s available in public or other non-confidential records
  • Digging: Determine what’s hiding underneath

We can help you litigate to win, manage and protect your workforce, minimize risk, hire and buy with confidence, beat your competitors, and protect your bottom-line.

Ryan Ross

Principal Investigator