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Colorado DoorDash case heads to the Colorado Supreme Court

The Colorado Supreme Court will decide if it should overturn a Centennial judge’s February order to DoorDash to hand over documents in a civil personal injury case. Doordash says the demand is “draconian” and will cost them north of $159 million.
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Colorado Missing Persons Day Draws Attention to 500+ Coloradoans Who’ve Disappeared

The senate resolution formalize Colorado Missing Persons Day to help raise awareness about the number of people who go missing in Colorado every year.  It is observed on the third Monday of February and offers an opportunity to publicly remember the missing and to support their families and friends, many of whom have never stopped searching.

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Technology’s impact on Colorado private investigation

Technology is changing the way private investigation happens. Drones, inexpensive surveillance systems and the ubiquitous cell phone are providing us with the opportunity to access more digital data to improve and enhance the way Denver private investigators work.