Denver Fidelity Investigations

We use sexy decoys to catch cheating spouses.

(Infidelity investigation services also available nationwide)

Everyone says they’ll be faithful to their spouse or significant other. It’s what they do when tempted that counts. You can wait until they are – everyone worth a second look will be sooner or later – or you can secretly arrange a test. We deploy undercover operatives to determine how specified subjects react when given an opportunity to interact with an attractive, apparently available agent posing as someone who might be interested.

You provide:

  • Insight into your partner’s preferences in a romantic partner
  • Information about where and when your partner will be in circumstances in which their faithfulness can be tested in public places such as bars, hotel foyers, conventions, gyms, fitness centers, restaurants, receptions, concerts, seminars, trade-shows, theater performances, country clubs, gallery openings, etc.
  • Photos of your partner

We provide our fidelity investigation agents with some combination of:

  • Extensive undercover experience in law enforcement
  • ​Head-turning looks, physiques, and outfits
  • The “gift of gab” necessary to get subjects talking when they shouldn’t
  • Credible back-stories (a recent divorce, complaints about or troubles with spouses or significant others, just passing through town, etc.)
  • The cool-headedness and smarts to know how to follow a script, then slip away and disappear when the mission is accomplished
  • The kind of confidence that comes only with experience in navigating through the gender divide, creating interest and opportunities along the way

Strategies we employ:

  • Entice
  • Listen
  • Converse
  • Drink
  • Record (using hidden cameras)
  • Report (to share with the client everything that’s been learned and to provide visual and – sometimes – audio proof)

What we DON’T do:

  • Initiate contact
  • Entrap
  • Suggest/offer
  • Invade privacy
  • Record (using hidden cameras)
  • Stalk
  • Enter private places
  • Travel with the subject
  • Strip or remove any clothing
  • Touch the subjects with any more than a glance on their arm


Can I see photos of the agents before deciding whether to retain you?

Can I meet the agents before deciding whether to retain you and select the agent I want?

Can I select the agents I think will be the “best?”

Can I dictate what the agent will do/say?
Yes, within limits that we set.

Will I get video?​

What’s the cost?
We customize proposals for each of our clients. Proposals contain per-day rates for the deployment of agents and hourly rates for travel, writing reports, and preparing other work-product, such as DVDs, plus reimbursements for travel and other expenses. Retainers are required. The minimum retainer is $2,000.

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