screenshot from Marshall Zelinger's twitter post showing Mike Lindell being served with court papers.

Challenging serves accomplished by blending in

Defendants in high-profile court cases may sometimes be difficult to serve with court papers. They may have security or trying to stay out of the public eye. Sometimes “blending in” is the best strategy.  

Mystery Of First Woman To Complete Marathon

A onetime Colorado Springs resident and the first ever woman to run a sanctioned marathon did not know she had made sports history for 50 years.

By Simon Crittle

Even a private detective hired by the Pikes Peak Marathon failed to find the runner – who had remarried several times, changed her name and gone ...

Desperate Littleton Family Hires PI To Find Runaway Daughter

By Simon Crittle

A desperate Littleton family has hired a private investigator to try and find their runaway teenage daughter who was leading a double life.

Cadence Warner, 17, left their home near West Quincy Avenue and South Kipling Parkway on the afternoon of March 23 and never returned.

The family’s ...

Denver PIs Earn $10,000 More Than National Counterparts

By Simon Crittle

New national data on private investigator salaries reveals PIs in the Denver metropolitan area earn significantly more than their counterparts across the country.

The median base salary for PIs in the United States is $53,320 a year, according to new data released by U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics.

However, ...

Expiring PI Licensing Rules Take Odd Twist

By Simon Crittle

In a good example of bureaucracy gone mad, the Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) will continue accepting applications for private investigator licenses until August 31 – the day PI licenses in Colorado will be abolished.

DORA told this blog that an unlicensed PI could face discipline right up until midnight August 30 ...

Famed PI Suffers Head Injury After Being Robbed Outside His Home

Jack Palladino, the private investigator hired by former President Bill Clinton during his 1992 campaign to help discredit women claiming extramarital affairs with him, last week suffered a serious head injury after being robbed outside of his San Francisco home.

Palladino, whose celebrity clients have also included Harvey…

PI Training Institute Being Held On Feb. 26 and 27

Are you ready to take the plunge into the world of private investigations, but aren’t quite sure how to start?

Then you might want to take part in a training institute being held by the Professional Private Investigator Association of Colorado (PPIAC) on February 26 and 27.

Called the Colorado Investigative Development Institute, the training event ...

PI Arrested During Supposed Voter Fraud Investigation

By Simon Crittle

A private investigator hired to look into supposed voter fraud has been arrested in Texas for running an air conditioner repairman off the road.

Mark Aguirre, a former Houston police captain, believed the repairman, David Lopez-Zuniga, was transporting 750,000 fake ballots. In fact, all he had in his truck was air conditioner ...

Missing Colorado Mom’s Story Grips Crime Geeks, writes Simon Crittle

In the annals of true crime, the case of missing Salida mother, Suzanne Morphew, has recently captured the national imagination. America’s whodunnit sub-culture, a diverse collection of amateur sleuths and crime story geeks, is snooping around the intriguing case and is determined to figure out what really happened.

Not since JonBenet Ramsey’s 1996 death, in an upmarket ...