Desperate Littleton Family Hires PI To Find Runaway Daughter

By Simon Crittle

A desperate Littleton family has hired a private investigator to try and find their runaway teenage daughter who was leading a double life.

Cadence Warner, 17, left their home near West Quincy Avenue and South Kipling Parkway on the afternoon of March 23 and never returned.

The family’s surveillance camera footage shows her leaving through a backyard gate with a small backpack and her cat in a carrier.

“Let us know that you’re OK. Like, you’re loved. We miss you,” said Cadence’s mother, Lacey Williams, “Whatever you’re going through, it’s OK. We’re all here. Just let us know that you’re OK.”

Days prior to Cadence’s disappearance, Williams says they got into an argument, and she took her phone away as punishment.

The phone contained social media messages exchanges Cadence was having with men as old as 35 who lived in other states.

“She had this whole separate life on her phone that we have. It was just really disturbing. Like, there’s men my age talking to her on there,” Williams said.

The men had been messaging Cadence on apps including TikTok and Facebook Messenger, and Williams believes one of them convinced her daughter to run away.

The family hired a private investigator, but so far, they haven’t had any leads.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office says its investigators have tracked several leads down but are still trying to locate Cadence.

“There is no supporting information known that supports Cadence is in any danger, any suicidal ideation or indication of being trafficked,” the Sheriff’s office said in a statement.

“She remains a runaway, but much work has been done in attempts to locate her.”

If you have any information about Cadence’s whereabouts, contact the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office.