PI Arrested During Supposed Voter Fraud Investigation

By Simon Crittle

A private investigator hired to look into supposed voter fraud has been arrested in Texas for running an air conditioner repairman off the road.

Mark Aguirre, a former Houston police captain, believed the repairman, David Lopez-Zuniga, was transporting 750,000 fake ballots. In fact, all he had in his truck was air conditioner parts and tools.

The 63-year-old PI was hired to investigate supposed voter fraud by a conservative nonprofit group.

The incident took place on October 19 just after Lopez-Zuniga left home for his early morning commute, when he noticed an SUV driven by Aguirre behind him.

Moments later, the SUV swerved alongside the passenger’s side, striking the truck and forcing Lopez-Zuniga to the side of a highway.

There, he said, Aguirre feigned an injury before ordering Lopez-Zuniga to the ground at gunpoint.

“I was very scared,” Lopez-Zuniga told The Washington Post. “I didn’t know who this person was.”

A subsequent investigation led to Aguirre’s arrest on December 15. He was charged with assault with a deadly weapon and plead not guilty. His lawyer says the case is politically motivated.

Despite repeated allegations of widespread voter fraud by President Trump in the 2020 presidential election, campaign lawyers have failed to overturn the election result.

Texas lawmakers have been relentless in their bid to stop Joe Biden becoming president.

The U.S. Supreme Court recently declined to consider a Texas case claiming election irregularities, saying Texas did not have legal standing to sue battleground states Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, over their handling of the election.

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