Desperate Family Needs A PI To Find Missing Woman

By Simon Crittle

A desperate Colorado Springs family plans to hire a private investigator to locate Christine Pierce, a well-known local musician, who has been missing since October 16.

Pierce’s niece Sabrina Cooke described her aunt as a beloved daughter, sister, aunt, friend, and much-loved drummer in the Colorado Springs band, Riverbottom.

“No one has been able to find her despite numerous searches and an extensive community dedicated to bringing her home,” said Cooke.

“We as a family have decided that our next step is to hire a private investigator to help us further the search.”

Pierce was last seen by friends near her downtown apartment.

When she didn’t respond to a bandmate, several days later, who routinely picked her up for rehearsal, her friends became concerned and reached out to her family, who contacted police.

Bandmate Brian Krewson said: “She has not missed a day of rehearsal without calling me or calling somebody in four years.”

A spokesperson for the Colorado Springs Police Department said they were working the case every day. 

“We do have active and new leads we are working at this time,” the spokesperson said.  

Regarding concerns Pierce might have met with of foul play, police would not respond other than to say they are looking at every possibility, as they do in all missing persons cases.

But members of a growing Facebook page, are becoming describing Pierce as a “creature of habit” who they couldn’t imagine “running away.”

The Facebook page members have taken to posting pictures of porches illuminated with pink light, Pierce’s favorite color, and have set up a GoFundMe page to raise money to pay for the private investigator.

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