Colorado private investigator pleads guilty to misdemeanor harassment  in stalking case

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Posted 11/17

Colorado private investigator pleads guilty to misdemeanor harassment  in stalking case

By Denver Private Investigator Blogger Emily Palm 

A Colorado private investigator charged with two felony counts of stalking after he followed a client’s estranged wife pled guilty last week to a reduced  charge of misdemeanor harassment.

As previously reported in the Denver Private Investigator Blog, Timothy Allen Stitt, 42, was hired by Jeff Schudel to follow  his estranged wife. Schudel and his estranged wife were  in the midst of a child-custody battle. Stitt placed a tracking device on the car of the estranged wife, and told his client where she had been. Schudel then called his estranged wife, told her he knew where she had been, and asked her who she had been having sex with. At the urging of a girlfriend, the estranged wife checked her vehicle, and found the GPS device. She called police. They called Schudel. He said he’d retained an investigator to follow his estranged wife. Schudel then called Stitt and Stitt then called police to acknowledge placing the GPS device.

Stitt’s case concerned private investigators because they are routinely retained to follow spouses and ex-spouses. Stitt was adamant that he’d done nothing wrong.

Weld County prosecutors dismissed the felony stalking charges in return for Stitt’s plea to a misdemeanor harassment charge. Stitt was sentenced to one year on unsupervised probation and 24 hours of community service, according to the Greeley Tribune. 

Schudel was also charged with a felony county of stalking. His case is pending. He has pleaded not guilty. A four-day jury trial is set for  Jan. 24. He was on parole at the time of his arrest. He remains in Weld County jail in lieu of posting a $5,000 bond.